Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hang Gliders!

I happened to be in Utah for business and ended up with a free day. A new friend, Greg, took me to the local hang-glider site in Salt Lake City. I believe this was called the South Side and is a small cousin to the North Side of the famous Point of the Mountain at the Wings over Wasatach field. Despite being the smaller of the two locations, I was rather impressed at the 200 ft cliff at roughly 45 deg steep and in the perfect bowl shape for flying. Greg got off two flights and a few other dudes were flying as well. I took wayyyyyy too many photos, but wanted to share a few highlights here.

Setting up Greg's "old rag-wing."

Putting in the lower battens.

Strapped in and ready to fly!

Taking a giant step...

Setting his feet looks rather awkward, but it's not a problem.

And just like that, Greg quite literally flies with the birds!

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mike said...

A great site, I've flown there in a hang glider, and I think it would be super for an airchair, especially considering the on top landing potential.

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